Taking sharper aim at pesky stomach ulcer bacteria

 What’s inside of one-sixth of the world’s population and is a thousand times smaller than the head of a pin? It’s Helicobacter pylori, the pesky bacterium behind ulcers and other unpleasant stomach diseases. In our latest episode, find out more about H. pylori, and how a scientist from Spain named Javier Sancho may have a new way to fight this common microbe. 

Taking sharper aim at pesky stomach ulcer bacteria from ACS Pressroom on Vimeo.

Great Podcast - On 1/6/10 at 12:09 PM Brad said:
Brad's Gravatar
Adam--Great podcast.  I learned alot, so much that now I can't blame my boss (in good conscience) about my stomach pains.
Ha! - On 1/6/10 at 12:16 PM Adam said:
Adam's Gravatar <div>Ha! That's right -- blame the bacterium.</div>
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